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Janet Quinn Dennis
Janet Quinn Dennis, Founder

Janet has devoted her professional career to the Common Interest Development Industry (CID). She began her employment with a San Francisco Law firm that represented CIDs. She supervised a department that provided non-judicial and judicial collection services to CIDs.

In 1996, Janet started Pro Solutions. Pro Solutions has grown into the premier collection company in the state. Janet is a member of the leading trade groups that support the CID industry. Groups such as Community Association Institute (CAI), California Association of Community Managers (CACM), in which she was recently honored with a Vision Award for Excellence in Service; and the Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO).

Recently, Janet has developed the IDR/ADR Department within Pro Solutions. She will not only train Boards as to the process of IDR within their communities and dealing with difficult personalities, but will be providing Mediation services for those pesky “People, Pets, Parking and Petunia” issues not resolved within the IDR process.

Michael LeMonds joined Pro Solutions in 2009 as Operations Manager. Michael brings extensive experience to Pro Solutions from 25 years in corporate management and quickly became immersed in the community involvement end of the business. This led to his appointment of Vice President of Pro Solutions in 2010. Michael’s years of working with homeowners’ associations board of directors includes advising them on collection matters, collectability of accounts and working with homeowners to resolve disputes. Through the hundreds of Board of Directors meetings that Michael has attended, he has helped train and educate boards on recent HOA laws and has helped guide them through the most difficult collection processes to the most simplest solutions.

Pro Solutions has been working with community associations throughout the state of California since 1996 and has grown into a premier collection company. Pro Solutions commitment to the community includes involvement with sponsorships within the leading trade groups that support the CID industry. Groups such as the Community Association Institute (CAI) and the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC).

It is Pro Solutions core belief that a collection company can provide expert quality customer service, along with protection for our association clients, while professionally and respectively helping homeowners become re-instated members of good standing within their community.

Michael LeMonds
Michael LeMonds, VP of Operations