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Home Owner Testimonials:


I am quite overwhelmed by your kindness, patience and generosity with your time.
I very much appreciate your assistance and realize I would not have had much hope of arriving at the solution you reached on our behalf. It was like dealing with B of A all over again.
I believe in good karma and trust it is coming your way, in abundance.
On behalf of Claudio and I a very sinceree "thank you".


Pro Solutions,
Many, many thanks to your thoughtful assitance to set all matters right in the best way. Your recommendations and detailed explanations were most helpful. Sincerely,

Dear Janet,
It has been a pleasure doing business with you! I certainly hope that I will not need to do so in the future howerver! Enclosed is my money in the amount of $430.00 as we had discussed. This will bring my account current and paid in full. Thanks again for your understanding and kindness,

Dear Janet,
I hope to God this reaches you after all the problems! I'm sending this as you suggested (priority mail). Thanks for your gracious humor & understanding. I owe you lunch!

Thank you for your understanding. As I had mentioned the last 5 months have been very difficult, you made an uncomfortable, embarrassing situation easier. Thank you for your professionalism,

Dear M. Quinn Dennis:
Enclosed is a copy of correspondence from my client concerning the above-referenced matter. Please accept this correspondence as my thanks to you and your organization for bringing this matter to a successful conclusion. I shall certainly keep Pro Solutions in mind if the opportunity to refer another nonjudicial foreclosure to you becomes available. Sincerely,

To Pro Solutions,
As agreed, this enclosed check shouldb e the payoff figure. I have paid for October on this date as well.
If there is any discrepency on this account please call me otherwise, I consider this account closed.
If there is any paperwork involved in dictating closure of my account please forward a copy to me at the address provided.
Thank you for never getting negative with me! It's been a pleasure-almost-working with you to help me pay this debt!

Appreciate the help and laugh. Thank you for both. Good luck Janet. Thanks,

AS always, thanks again... and again. You even manage to make my debt a good thing. Well, at least more fun and you make me feel good about payment of my debt. A pleasure doing business with you, Janet!

Dear Janet,
Enclosed is a Casheir's Check for $1627.00 to pay of the delinquent ammount on the above referenced matter.
Thank you so very much for your patience with this "account from Hell" as well as your willingness to work with me to save my mother's house. You'll never know how much my sister and I appreciate it, as would my mom if we only had the courage to tell her about it!
I also appreciate that you are going to send the annual billings to me so that they won't become delinquent again. You're great!
Please feel free to call me regarding my mother's account if there are any questions. Sincerely,

Dear Kathryn & Janet,
Enclosed please find five post dated checks and a money order. In confirmation of our recent telephone conversation wherin I agreed to provide post dated checks and made cashable by the daqte each check indicates.
Should there be any descrepancy or questions please do not hesitate to call. As always, I appreciate your kindness and cooperation in handling this matter. Sincerely,

What a pleasure it was to talk to you today! Thanks for your kind understanding. Continued success to you!

Attn Katherine:
Thank you again for your empathic response to my near hysterical telephone call. It is greatly appreciated. Sincerely,

Thank you for all of your help, and words of encouragment. Maybe we will meet someday, but not under these conditions! Thank you,

Thank you at Pro Solutions for working with me to resolve our situation during our very difficult times. You were all wonderful. Collection is a very difficult postion & sometimes are never recognized for all the work they do--So thanks,

Dear Janet,
It is at this time that I would like to thank you very much for impeccable mediation skills and for the speedy resolution to this somewhat distressful situation... Again, it is with great apprecation that this situation is in full resolution. Your company exuded excellent customer service every time I had verbal contact with them. Your employees were always courteous and professional at all times. Please pass on my appreciation to all involved. Thank You,

Dear Pro Solutions:
I am finally current with the homeowner's due! Hurray! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance. It's been a pleasure working with you on settling this matter.
Have a Happy New Year! Sincerely,

Dear Ms. Koller:
I would like to thank both you and Keleb for assisting me. I contacted Pro Solutions several times with questions relating to the delinquent assessments and I had the pleasure of speadking with you and Kaleb on separate occasions. My questions were answered with courtesy and professionalism and I appreciate it. Yours truly,

Thanks Janet...
I understand the mistake and will forward a check for $142.00 to Massingham...
Thanks again... Your are truly an asset to this whole operation... I hope Massingham is aware of how understanding you truly are... you have handled this entire situation with kindness, patience and understanding... I can not tell you how much this has been appreciated and has meant to my husband and me.
All the best to you... Always.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help on the day I called, you were of great help to me. The world would be a much better place if everyone were as understanding as you are. Thanks,

Hello Janet,
Yall have a pleasant voice, sometime when you are in Walnut Creek Call me and be my guest for lunch.

Thank you so much for speaking with Stewart and getting our fee reduced, we appreciate your kindness. Attached is the full $50.00 check I promised. We will pay off the rest per your discussion with Ron within the 41 days. Will call & confirm. Thanks again,

“The Pro Solutions website has simplified my life threefold. The instant access to reporting is invaluable.”
Jeffrey S. Farnsworth,
Steward Property Services, Inc.